Friday, July 23, 2021

Free MEP Align

From the Autodesk App Store:


This tool boosts your speed when modeling MEP elements. It provides a quick way to model multiple ducts/pipes at once.

Function 1: Align elements to point

Users will first be asked to pick MEP elements and then pick points. The MEP elements will be aligned to the picked points.

(Similar to Built-in "Align" function of Autodesk® Revit® but in batch)

Function 2: Routing for multiple elements

If the selected elements are "aligned", pick a point and the tool will create elbow and routing for the pipes.

Free Project Tracker - A time tracking tool

From the Autodesk App Store:


Project Tracker is a tool created to assist in time management during the BIM modeling and design process.

With the use of the plugin, it is possible to register the time used modeling in Autodesk® Revit®, counting the total hours of work per file, per sheet, per view or per task.

To record the hours just press the "Start" button. Time recording is automatically stopped when inactivity is detected.

Information present in the model such as the file name, name, and view type are captured automatically. For a more detailed view of your work, you can manually add information regarding the name of the project, discipline, or task you are working on.

The recorded data can be viewed directly in Revit with bar or area charts (timeline). In addition, the data can be easily imported and viewed in other software, such as Excel or Power BI. 

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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Free Warnings Reviewer

From the Autodesk App Store:


This plugin helps you to easily review all the warnings in an Autodesk® Revit® model. You can select the elements which have warnings and modify them to solve their problems.

With this plugin, unlike Revit warnings reviewer, all the Revit commands are accessible. So, you can easily solve all the warnings, one by one or multiple of them simultaneously.

Free Quick Crop View

From the Autodesk App Store:


This application allows Autodesk® Revit® Users to crop plan view, section view and 3D view very quickly by following below steps:

Click button QuickCropView

Drag a rectangle to set the crop view area. Press escape key to finish.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

TestFit 2.20: To Massing Mode & Beyond

From the announcement:

🏙️ A bit about Massing Mode 

Since 2017, TestFit users have generated millions of apartment units with our configurator. To that end, TestFit has solved unit mixes, parking garages, complex setbacks, and a myriad of other urban tech problems.

TestFit has always been about confirming assumptions to narrow the range of outcomes on sites. Our customers have requested a new tool to assist in the creation of those assumptions. 

With TestFit 2.20, users can manually craft any shape. We’ve called it massing mode, and the use cases are many. It can be used as a basic massing tool for urban planning, a simple blocking and stacking tool, or a surface parked retail center. We're looking forward to hearing about your use cases.

- Clifton Harness, CEO at TestFit

TestFit 2.20: Introducing Massing Mode


project browser ++

From the Autodesk App Store:


This add-in allows you to quickly search for the correct views, sheets, schedules and legends so you can easily switch between them. No longer do you have to search with the vanilla search command or scroll through countless views. Just type in some parts of the name and the add-in quickly filters all matching entries.

Add some shortcuts to easily access the tabs of the project browser to speed up your work even more.

Filter views by name. Open by double-click.
If view is placed on a sheet, click the sheet symbol to open that sheet.

window browser ++

From the Autodesk App Store:


The window browser ++ add-in provides a panel similar to the windows taskbar. It lists all open views, schedules, legends and sheets grouped by their project or family file. For the user's convenience a thumbnail with a screenshot is displayed. 

Using this app, specific windows can be easily closed.

This speeds up the switching between many open tabs. 

Screenshot with highlighted task bar and open views

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

10 Amazing pyRevit Features to Save Insane Amounts of Time

From the Revit Pure blog:

By Nicolas Catellier

pyRevit is an amazing free plugin that will save you an insane amount of time. Download the plugin by clicking here. You can support the project on Patreon by clicking here.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the great tools included in pyRevit.


One of the best feature in pyRevit is called “Make Pattern”. We discussed it in the previous blog post so make sure to check it out by clicking this link.


Creating multiple sheets in Revit has always been slow and boring. Some Dynamo scripts can help, but they can’t compete with the efficiency of pyRevit Batch Sheet Maker tool.

Continue reading on the Revit Pure blog »

Catching up with pyRevit — Now on Version 4.8.8

The last time we posted about pyRevit was regarding version 4.6.18 on March 11, 2019. Since then, Ehsan Iran-Nejad has continued to be very active with this extremely useful tool, and has published numerous releases since then, including two major dot releases. Here I'll try to encapsulate some of the changes Ehsan has made over the past couple of years plus...

In version 4.6.20 published on May 12, 2019, the following tools were added:

  • Create Parallel Section
  • Match Property
  • Cycle family types
  • Family type and param maker

In version 4.6.21, published on May 19, 2019, CPython was officially brought to pyRevit. The Compare Elements tool was also added.

Free Explorer Shell Extensions — Add Revit Versions to Windows Explorer Plus More

From the Autodesk App Store:


This application adds a new column to Windows Explorer which shows the version of .rvt and .rfa files.

It displays embedded preview images in Explorer's icon views (Large Icons, Content, etc).

Also, it adds new pages to the Windows Explorer Properties Window to display the details of Autodesk® Revit® files.

(version, thumbnail, types, parameters, and values).

This application doesn't require Revit to be installed.

01 - Properties Window

Tables - Spreadsheets in Revit. And a Lot More.

From the Autodesk App Store:


Tables is your perfect Autodesk® Revit® companion, an easy and familiar one stop shopping solution to boost your productivity in Revit. Simple, yet powerful!

Tables is a spreadsheet application deeply integrated into Revit - think of it like having the power of Excel inside Revit. It works bidirectional - which means that you can make edits in the spreadsheet and push the values back into Revit - and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Excel. With Tables you can not only create and format beautiful Excel spreadsheets directly from Revit and create templates that you can use for further projects, but you can also edit, structure, manage or compare your Revit projects. You can write information from your xlsx Tables file back into your Revit model and use the same logic for other projects.

Additionally you can use our SmartCreation commands to create levels, views, rooms and sheets with placed views with Tables, there will be even more in the near future so stay tuned!

We also added specific commands for BIM management and coordination tasks to help you stay on top of your data and be more productive. And all of this with the refinements that a modern xlsx-based spreadsheet application can offer you. This makes BIM really fun!

Tables will become your perfect Revit companion! Simple, yet powerful!

Monday, July 19, 2021

5 TestFit & Revit Workflows to Maximize Your Design Process Via Dynamo

From the TestFit blog:

Written by: Nat MacDonald, PE

TestFit to Revit using Dynamo

You want to be able to create powerful geometry and data in TestFit, but also be able to pass that information into Revit and AutoCAD for more detailed design and documentation. We’ve already created a process to export to AutoCAD and we’re happy to share we’ve created some new, more robust workflows to get your data and buildings from TestFit to Revit and vice versa.

At the moment, we believe that Dynamo is the best way for TestFit users to pass data back and forth. Although there are easier ways to do this (we’re looking at creating a Revit Add-in in the future), Dynamo allows you to customize the geometry and data you want to manipulate in Revit. 

Continue reading on the TestFit blog »

Hello Again for the First Time

It's a new day here at Revit Add-ons; my name's Cord Ellison and I've taken over this blog from its founder Tim Grimm (who works for Bentley Systems nowadays—a clear conflict of interest). Revit Add-ons has been fallow for the past 18 months, and I look forward to injecting it with new life. There's so much vibrancy in our community; add-ins from Autodesk, add-ins on the Autodesk App Store, commercial add-ins not published on the app store, webinars, Dynamo scripts, programmers who share their code, other bloggers, and other related products like FormIt, BIM 360, Navisworks and more. I look forward to posting about it all, as much as I can anyway. I can use your help too; know about add-ins we haven't posted about, perhaps some that you've authored yourself? Or other content we might be interested in? Use the Contact Form in the left sidebar to let us know. 

Interestingly, Revit Add-ons has continued to draw pageviews at a pace of about 1,000 per day. That's a credit to the hard work that's come before, and I intend to continue in that vein. Look for regular features like What's Hot to return, and maybe some others too. Also, don't expect the look and feel of the site to change much—I have a lot of respect for the work Tim did.

To our advertisers, remaining terms will be extended. As for new and returning advertisers, take advantage of our Back in Business sale and save 25%!

We hope that you're happy that Revit Add-ons is back, and that you'll come along for the ride.