Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Basic Reporting Add-in for Hosting and Formulas (Updated)

"Have you ever needed to export a list of elements that host other elements? Or better yet, have you ever wondered what formulas were inside each of your families in the model? This little tool exports this information for you to a CSV file of your choosing! This entire utility runs in Read-only mode, so no worries about damaging anything..."

This free add-in may be downloaded from the Case Apps website.

Update 5/8/2016: CASE and the CASE Apps website are no more but, courtesy of WeWork, the CASE Apps are now open source. They may be accessed on GitHub.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

IMAGINiT Expands their Clarity Product Line with IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare

IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare
Share the Model, Automate the Work.
All while you keep designing.

With IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare you can save time and headaches by generating deliverables, automating tasks like printing PDFs, DWFs, exporting to IFC, gbXML, or backing up your projects. Non-Revit users can now have real-time project access including information such as room datasheets, schedules and custom reports.

Providing valuable information to your key project stakeholders, IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare will help you communicate design progress and save your staff time.

Want to collaborate securely online? Check out IMAGINiT Clarity and Clarity LT for Revit Server.

IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare uses file-based sharing and offers enhancements and tools such as:

Task Automation
  • Generate PDF and DWF files
  • Update Room Datasheets on demand
  • Automated Backup, exporting of files like PDF, DWF, IFC or Images

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wiip AmToDxf - Revit Structure to Analytical Model Via DXF

"Revit Structure can export an analytical model in a DXF file, but the result needs to be corrected before using it for calculations. Each beam is split into 3 parts (begin, middle, end) during the built-in export mechanism, as shown in the display.

"This utility exports each beam as a single line.

"It also splits the beams at each intersection, so we get a node where we need it. Each beam size is associated with a color, and layers are created for each element category."

This add-in costs USD 49 and can be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

YeS-PreFilterSelection Tool - Pre-defined Selection Filters

"YeS-PreFilterSelection tool provides following functions:
  1. Create frequent use filters before hand;
  2. Select elements based on predefined filters;
  3. Select all elements in current active view based on selected filter;
  4. Re-order the filters priority.

"This version provides 30 days full functional trial. After this period, you need to buy a license to register your product."

This add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

EdgeWise MEP for Revit - Point Clouds to Revit MEP Objects

"Introducing EdgeWise MEP™ for Revit®

"Finally, a fast and accurate tool for modeling as-built pipes in Revit®

"EdgeWise MEP for Revit leverages the powerful feature extraction technology of EdgeWise to automatically extract pipe solids from laser scan point clouds. Once connected into pipe runs the model can be imported into Revit as pipe objects and easily assigned to pipe families. All intelligence extracted by EdgeWise, such as diameter, length, elbow bend radii and more, is also transferred into Revit.

"Users are reporting up to an 85% savings over their normal modeling workflow."

There's more information available on the ClearEdge3D website.

Credit: Steve Stafford's Revit OpEd blog.

Zoom To Awesome - Free Auto-Zoom Add-in

The free Zoom to Awesome add-in allows users to quickly and simply zoom into selected objects. For expediency's sake, it even has a key-in to activate this functionality.

According to the developer, "If Chuck Norris used Revit - this would be his favorite tool."

There's more information available on the Arch+Tech blog.

Credit: Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants blog.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IsRENDER RAC - Batch Rendering in Revit

"IsRENDER RAC2013 performs processing render in Autodesk Revit in batch mode (automated).

  • Running standalone render images
  • Running Multiple render images
  • Execution of deferred render images
  • Saving images in the project
  • Exporting images to the outside of the project 

"Please note that this version (Trial Mode) has a duration of 3 days and has limited functionality (only 2 render in batch mode)"

The trial version of this add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

Material Batch Deletion

"Material Batch Deletion tool helps users search materials from project document and delete them with a single click. The search condition supports logic 'and' (& or &&) and 'or' (| or ||) to make the search more efficient."

This free add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

Batch Write Shared Parameters

"Here is a handy little app we wrote for batch writing all shared parameters located in a shared parameter file to the currently open family. This app will allow for quick consistent adding of the same params to families without having to add them manually which can be very painful."

The original open source version of this free add-in may be downloaded from the BIMAdvent website.

Additionally, Alan Jackson has posted a rewritten and modified version of this free add-in on his openRevit blog site. This version binds the parameters to the "Other" category.

Revit SP.Writer - Manage Shared Parameters from Excel

"I always hear first hand from companies and end users the difficulties they have managing their shared parameters files under the Autodesk Revit platform. Lets be honest, it isn’t a fun task and Autodesk has done little to make our lives easier. Some companies are still not implementing schedules in Revit just due to the fact that Shared Parameters are so difficult and time consuming to work with."

Revit SP.Writer is intended to allow users to create, manage and organize their shared parameters outside of Revit easily allowing for importing and exporting compatible files.

  • Import Shared Parameter ’.txt’ files
  • Export Shared Parameter ‘.txt’ files
  • Create New Shared parameters
  • Selective Export from Parameter Library
  • Organize Parameters

This free add-in for Microsoft Excel may be downloaded from the BIM Source website.