Thursday, April 21, 2011

Detail Manager for Revit

Finally… a Revit add-on that allows you to instantly view all of your AutoCAD details in high resolution, quickly select multiple details to be linked / imported, and set all link / import properties for all details and drafting views within one property grid. The properties and settings are now applied to all details as you lay them out on sheets in the layout manager. Then with one click, Detail Manager creates all of the drafting views, and places all the drafting views on sheets. Save hours of time on just a few details!

Import dozens of AutoCAD details into Revit in just a few minutes! Detail Manager allows you to quickly view and reuse your AutoCAD details without ever leaving your Revit project.

Who should use Detail Manager? - Well, anyone who has AutoCAD details. This Revit plug-in was created to help individuals and firms save time and money when choosing to reuse their DWG detail libraries, and those transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit that may not have the resources to recreate their details in Revit all at once.

Are you short on time or resources to finish your project? Reusing DWG details can drastically reduce your detailing time. Do you have typical details, prototypical projects, or DWG details supplied by someone else? Don't redraft them in Revit, reuse them with Detail Manager.

Licensing Packs for Revit 2011:

Up to 5 users     = $782.00 USD
Up to 10 users   = $1,564.00 USD
Up to 25 users   = $3,450.00 USD
Up to 100 users = $10,530.00 USD

*If you have more than one Revit 2011 vertical (Architecture / Structure / MEP) installed on one machine, Detail Manager will install to all Verticals found on that machine. This will account for 1 user.

More information is available at the adept development website.

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