Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quickly Isolate Elements of Interest with BoundingBox 3DView

BoundingBox 3DView creates a 3D section box around any objects that are selected when the tool is activated.

How it works: in a model view such as a floor plan or 3D view, make a selection of objects of interest. Run the application through the Add-Ins Tab & External Tools pull down or a keyboard shortcut of your choice, and a dialog is displayed.

If the current settings meet your needs, just hit enter on your keyboard as the OK button has focus by default. If you change the bounding box margin or the 3D view options, these will be remembered next time you launch the command again (in the current Revit session). Once it finishes, open the new or modified 3D view.

Download BoundingBox 3DView here.

Thanks to Clay Hickling of GHD and his presentation at the Revit Technology Conference USA 2011, "10 Free Revit Add-ins You can't Live Without"


Larry Summerfield said...

Can the addin be used to change the bounding box of a door or window to match the rough opening type parameters? When copy monitoring walls, CM creates openings based on the BB of doors and windows. Since the BB is set at tbe farthest element in the family, the opening created is totally wrong, Autodesk refuses to fix this issue.

Tim Grimm said...

Larry: Please contact the software developer.