Thursday, May 10, 2012

HyperPDF 6.0 (Originally "Revit PDF Writer")

It’s here!!  Pinebush Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the new version HyperPDF 6.0, the easiest to use and highest performance PDF Writer.  We have upgraded performance and now support Windows 7 and XP in the same package.

HyperPDF started out life as “Revit PDF Writer 4.2” as the designated solution for Revit by Autodesk.  When Autodesk dropped direct PDF writing, we made the software more general and released HyperPDF 5.0.  HyperPDF includes an AutoSave feature so that you can easily save all of your PDF output in one directory without a “Save as …” dialog box for each new PDF file.

Software options include HyperPDF Desktop for single computer usage and HyperPDF Network for floating licenses.  We have reduced pricing for HyperPDF Desktop to $49 per license.

There's more information available on the Pinebush website.

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