Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dRofus Adds Built-in Model Server

dRofus is an advanced, easy-to-use, software for integrated program management.

dRofus 1.5 beta


dRofus – now with a new and powerful, built-in IFC model server !

Our Project & Enterprise customers now have access to the latest version of the dRofus beta. This version allows them to load all their design files into a model server for instantaneous visualization and program validation. And, believe it or not - this feature is provided without any additional license cost.

This latest beta has an embedded, special edition, model server from Jotne EPM, - one of the leading providers in the world of this technology. (

This makes it easy to visualize and validate a project across multiple design models. For the first time, users of dRofus have access to the latest design models and validation reports between program and design without any additional file handling. This allows for the opportunity for several new and improved work flows, better quality control across models and increased interaction with the stakeholders of the projects.

Embedding a model server in dRofus also opens a large market among owners who wants to export project requirements and validate the design entirely through the use of an open data standard, IFC.

This new functionality in dRofus can change the way the industry thinks and works regarding the relationship between program and design, as all parties gets simultaneous access to the same updated data and design models throughout the project.

There's more information on this new release of dRofus here.

Credit: the HOK BIM Solutions blog.

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