Monday, November 26, 2012

Scan to BIM 2013 from IMAGINiT

IMAGINiT’s Scan to BIM (previously posted about here) was the first software to provide the ability to view and interact with point clouds inside of Revit.

You can now view point clouds directly inside Revit. Scan to BIM™ takes this one step further, enabling you to not only visualize point clouds in Revit, but also to interact with them, assisting with automated recognition and placement of architectural elements such as walls and columns, as well as MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduits and more

Features with this release include the ability to create native Revit geometry from the point cloud and to analyze differences between the model geometry and the point cloud.

Other new features in Scan to BIM 2013.1 include:
  •     Create Arc Walls and Column
  •     Manage the visibility and information for all your loaded point clouds
  •     Measurement of Points and Point Density
  •     Toggle Point Cloud Visibility – easily turn it on or off
  •     Getting Started Videos – ramp up faster with our growing list of how-to videos

There's more information about this add-in on the IMAGINiT website.

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