Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keynote Manager Version 12.0 from Revolution Design Features Major Improvements

  • The entire user interface (UI) of Keynote Manager has been given an overhaul to make it faster, cleaner, and more usable.
    • Keynote Manager now allows opening of multiple files at the same time with a simple tabbed interface.
    • The 'Insert from Other File' function now has an option to insert from other open files.
    • Keynotes can now be edited on the fly without a dialog box.
      • Keynote descriptions are a simple text box that can be edited at will; changes are committed upon pressing 'Enter' or moving to another text box.
      • Key values can be edited by double click.
      • Parents/Stacking can be edited with simple drag and drop.
      • When the description value is committed the case will automatically be changed to match the auto casing setting (if applicable).
    • The main interface for each text file now contains a vertical toolbar along the left side for quick access to basic commands.
    • Comments and links are now listed in an expandable palette below their associated keynote.
      • Comments and links can be added or managed for the selected keynote with toolbar buttons.
      • Link display is directly clickable (with palette expanded) and will open the linked file or web location.
    • The find/replace and spell check functions have been integrated into the interface as expandable palettes.  These palettes can be hidden completely with toolbar buttons.
      • With the spelling palette expanded, simply select a single keynote and any words not contained in the dictionary will appear in the 'Not in Dictionary' list.
      • Use the 'Next' button to find the next word not in the spell checker dictionaries.
    • Character Map can now be opened from a toolbar button.
  • Printing has been dramatically upgraded and reflects the improvements to the main interface
    • Printouts now display comments and links.
    • Printouts now display the number of notes printed as well as total number of notes in the file.
    • Page numbers are now displayed along with the total number of pages.
    • Top level keynotes now are presented in bold with a light gray highlight behind them to make major sections stand out.
  • Keynote Manager now contains an option for Instant Save or Manual Save.
    • Instant save is the classic Keynote Manager system and is recommended for offices where more than one user may need access to the keynote file simultaneously.
    • Manual save is a standard system that will lock other users out of the file when it is open.  This is recommended for single users or offices where only one user is authorized to modify the keynote file.
  • Licensing has been upgraded to a wizard rather than a single dialog.
  • Banners and manufacturer link have been removed, giving more screen real estate and decreasing load times and internet connection issues.
  • The context menu now contains a 'Copy to Clipboard' menu that allows copying keynotes to the clipboard as plain text to be pasted to other applications.
  • Comments now track the user name of the computer creating or modifying the comment and display to the user.
    • User name is automatically pulled from the Windows login name.
    • Comments created with previous versions will show a blank user name unless the xml file is edited manually to add the name.
    • Hovering over the current status of a comment will show a tooltip style popup of that comment's entire history.
  • Comments can now be removed entirely (with warning dialog).
  • KM12 can now be installed and run concurrent with older versions of Keynote Manager.
  • Keynote Manager now contains a 'Check for Updates' function in the About menu. This check is also run on program startup and will notify the user if an updated version is available (startup check can be turned off if desired).
  • Help has been split into online help and local help.  At the time of build these are identical, but the online version is the default and can be updated and enchanced without forcing a new release.
  • Pressing Ctrl-Enter in a description dialog now adds a hard return to the description which will be respected by Revit.
  • Dictionary file now persists to future versions.

There's more information available on the Revolution Design website.

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Gary Striyle said...

If you havent used Keynote Manager + 12 on Revit 2014 there seems to be a problem with sorting by the key.