Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export Add-in

3D PDF files are a convenient medium to exchange information between different actors in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, since they are commonly used almost everywhere and constitute a multiplatform mean of communication.

SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export extends the functionalities of Revit ® through the generation of standard PDF documents with embedded 3D graphics; the files produced by the program can be opened by any PDF reader that supports the PDF 1.6 standard, such as Adobe Reader 7.0 or later. SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export uses the geometric definition of the elements in order to create an equivalent representation of the model in U3D format. Descriptive information about the particular Revit® objects is embedded.

Main features:
  • Support for all elements which can be visualized as solid in Revit.
  • Support for Rebar, Rebar sets, Area reinforcement and Path reinforcement, including all the relevant parameters of these elements as metadata.
  • Creation of a U3D file, which can be used to create interactive 3D / 2D PDF documents using a standard PDF editor.
  • The U3D file is written using a Boundary representation of the Revit® objects and a high compression through binary encoding. Likewise a fully referenced data structure is implemented, which is reflected in the model tree organization.
  • Support for free-form curves and surfaces, by means of the discretization of the elements.
  • Generation of predefined views in order to ease the usage and visualization of the model.
  • The Quality of the model is controlled by means of two parameters in the settings dialog. They allow to modify the level of detail of standard elements and reinforcement in order to improve either the model appearance or the performance.
  • Customizable general format of the PDF file.
  • Support for additional JavaScript’s, which can be used to improve user interaction.

The SOFiSTiK 3D-PDF Export add-in is available for US 9.90 on the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

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