Thursday, July 18, 2013

BIM Manager Suite from CTC - Includes 2 New Tools!

BIM Manager Suite


Batch Family Loader automates the process of loading or reloading families into projects.
  • Select one or more project files, or an entire folder tree of project files to have families loaded
  • Select one or more family files, or an entire folder of family files to load into selected projects
  • Control how the families are loaded

Family Tools contains a collection of utilities that assist with the family creation process.
Delete backup files
  • Copy CSV files created in a spreadsheet for type catalogs to the TXT files Revit needs
  • Compare or safely merge parameters between two shared parameters files
  • See the version of Revit that was used to last save one or more family files

New!  Project Cleaner deletes views, sheets and Revit links
  • Quickly remove all or selected views, sheets or links from a project
  • Prepare a project to send off to consultants
  • Lighten models from consultants before linking them into your projects

Revision Cloud Remover removes non-issued revision clouds from your project.

  • List the revision clouds in a project, including the quantity for each
  • Select which revision clouds to remove or remove all revision clouds

PREMIUM - includes Standard

New!  Import & Link Manager assists with locating and managing CAD objects within a Revit model.
  • Find imported or linked DWG files in your Revit project
  • Quickly load or reload Revit links in projects
  • Batch change Workset assignments of imports or links

Watermark adds secure digital signatures to your families and projects.
  • Run the validator to see existing watermarks in a family or project
  • Add a new password-protected watermark to a family or project
  • Optionally watermark nested families

ULTIMATE - includes Standard and Premium
Family Processor can batch add, change, or delete materials, parameters, and shared parameters within one or many family files.
  • Change basic material properties
  • Add, Edit, or Remove parameters
  • Replace existing parameters with specific shared parameters
  • Change parameter values and formulas

There's more information on the CAD Technology Center website.

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