Monday, November 18, 2013

Free HatchKit Add-In: Manage Hatch Patterns in Autodesk Revit

From Cadro Pty Ltd comes the Hatchkit add-in...

The HatchKit Add-In provides hatch pattern management to Revit® and directly interfaces to an installed HatchKit (v2.7 or later) for further functionality.

Use the HatchKit Add-In to manage a project's currently loaded patterns:

  • view large, zoomable pattern samples with a doubleclick
  • edit a pattern's name, type and orientation directly within the displayed table.
  • delete individual patterns from the project (excepting SOLID).
  • purge all unused patterns from the project.

Where HatchKit 2.7 or later is installed, the HatchKit Add-In detects its presence and directly loads
patterns as arranged by HatchKit from templates drawn in Revit®,
as generated by the new HatchKit Brick+Tile Wizard,
as drawn entirely within HatchKit or as loaded from external .PAT files.
Additionally, any project pattern can be exported to an external .PAT file.

Of particular note, the Add-In bypasses the Revit Hatch Import wizard so no scale upper limit is
imposed on any pattern loaded. Very large fill patterns are now available to Revit.

Draw template in Revit

Template in HatchKit

Pattern in use

Changing pattern type

This free add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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