Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Add Custom Context-Sensitive Tools to Revit's Modify Tab

One of the things that I really dislike about Revit add-ins is how they're segregated on the Add-Ins tab (or a custom tab created by the add-in). When I select a wall, if there are add-in tools available for modifying walls, I want them displayed on Revit's Modify tab, just like the native tools.

Over on his The Building Coder blog, Jeremy Tammik posted a conversation he had with Frode Tørresdal in which they arrived at an add-in that implements .NET UI Automation in a very interesting way to add context-sensitive buttons to the Modify tab.

Custom buttons added to the Modify tab

Jeremy has posted the source code for the ModifyTabButton project on GitHub here.

I'd love to see some third-party developers make use of this one for their own add-ins...

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