Friday, August 28, 2015

In the Works with ArchVision

Aside from a couple updates, it's been awhile folks. I had a host of post-RTC NA articles planned. Suffice it to say that sometimes life gets in the way. I'll still get the content up over time though.

I also need to get caught up on the regular features here on Revit Add-ons: What's Hot in Revit Add-ons and What's New on Autodesk Exchange Apps. Not to mention Civil 3D Add-ons and AutoCAD Add-ons. Oi vey...

One of the things I've been meaning to post about is what ArchVision has been working on – it's some exciting stuff.

From ArchVision's blog...

On the RPC front we’ll soon have a new update for Entourage Workshop that includes Autodesk Cloud Rendering support, support for RPC Planting families, and a new option for making 2D RPC geometry face the camera in Revit.

[if you've seen it,] I’m sure you were as blown away as I was at Chaos Groups preview of VRay for Revit.  Our teams have been working together closely to make sure your RPCs flow through seamlessly.  They do!  Take a look at [this image].  Your RPCs in Revit have never looked better than when they’re rendered with VRay. 

If you haven’t stopped by the recently relaunched ArchVision Labs site you may have missed the news that we’ve been working on an RPC Plug-in for Sketchup!  Been a long time coming but it was worth the wait.  There are still a few things to get sorted out but we’ll be releasing this to existing customers for beta testing soon.  We’ve also begun working with 3rd party Sketchup rendering partners such as Podium and VRay to ensure smooth workflows.

It’s in the Details…
We’re working to expand our content offering beyond RPC.  First will be a collection of approximately 1,000 Revit Components.  The Component Warehouse will be the first “Channel” of non-RPC content available leveraging a new content platform we’ve been developing [AVAIL].  The components are easily browsed or searched.

The big news from [the week of July 26] was the sneak peek at AVAIL, our game-changing content management platform. AVAIL is a content-agnostic, simple way to index the content on your WAN and consume it in new ways. AVAIL can be used to organize your company’s internal Revit Standards Library, inbound manufacturer content, your visualization group’s materials and textures, your marketing departments project photos and PDF cut-sheets and more! If you missed seeing it at RTC stay tuned for more details. All delivered through a modern, easy-to-use desktop application interface that finally makes finding and using your firms “content” a pleasure, not the nightmare you’ve had to endure trying to work with Windows file folders for managing content. Sound interesting? Watch for more details.

Need Revit Drafting Views?  DETAIL WAREHOUSE is a subscription “Channel” where a small yearly fee gains you access to a library of tens of thousands of Revit Drafting Views ready to customize to your particular needs.  Detail Warehouse is a great way to get your own standards library off the ground or augment your existing library. In the coming weeks ArchVision will release a library of ~25,000 (yes, you read that correctly) natively-built Revit Drafting Views of common, light-commercial building details (roofs, windows, doors and foundations). This subscription product will give you access to the industry’s most extensive collection of details. In addition to the details will be approximately 1000 new Revit Components. The combination provides a great way to start your Revit Standards library or augment your existing collection. Watch for more info.

You can peruse Archvision's blog here.

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