Monday, July 25, 2016

Autodesk LIVE Subscription Service – Interactive Visualization for Revit

A few days ago we posted about the Autodesk LIVE Viewer. Now here's information on the authoring side of the equation, the LIVE subscription service.

From the Autodesk website...

Step inside your design. With a single click, the Autodesk® LIVE service transforms Revit models into interactive visualizations that you can present, or share with others to explore on their own.

How it works

Fast click-to-cloud tools help bring your Revit models to life in minutes.

Start with Revit.

Upload your BIM model to the cloud in a single click.

Download and personalize your interactive visualization.

Show off your design, or let clients explore it on their own.

Autodesk LIVE features

Fast data prep in the cloud
Save time taking your Revit files to real time. LIVE helps automate and optimize the geometry of your BIM model in the cloud and sends you a fully interactive model within minutes.

Editing tools to express your style
Customize your interactive visualization to get the experience just right. Define navigation points, adjust location-based lighting, or apply a unique render style.

Publish to mobile
Give clients a better sense of your design intent early in the process with a portable, fully immersive experience you can take with you. Or, share it with clients to view anywhere, anytime.

Get it now

It’s easy to get started. Try LIVE free for 10 days. Or, get started now, with the convenient Autodesk subscription service.


The Autodesk LIVE subscription service is priced at 30.00 USD per month.

There's more information available on the Autodesk website...

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