Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Free Mitsubishi Electric System Designer

From the MEPcontent website:

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer

You can now quickly find the right content from Mitsubishi Electric and place it within your project without ever having to leave your Revit or AutoCAD model. By downloading this free app you get instant access to all Mitsubishi Electric products related to airco systems. Save time by searching on article number, description, model or series and filter on technical properties. Download the free app now (no credit card required) and be sure to always find the Mitsubishi Electric content that fits best in your BIM projects!


Easily find and place products from Mitsubishi Electric in Revit and AutoCAD

The free Mitsubishi Electric System Designer app for Revit and AutoCAD is a powerful tool allowing you to find the right Mitsubishi Electric Revit families and CAD files for heating and cooling units that you need. Directly from within your project environment. Filter the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC units on technical properties and use your desired air conditioners in your BIM projects instantly.

Your benefits:
  • Find the desired product by filtering on technical properties such as Nominal heating capacity
  • Save time by quickly searching for products on article number, description, model and series
  • Get access to all products from Mitsubishi Electric related to airco systems
  • Directly place equipment from within the app without having to leave your Revit or AutoCAD model
  • Get up to date manufacturer data-based content, light and compact in use

What content is included

Product series available in the app:
  • City Multi
  • Ecodan
  • E-series
  • Lossnay
  • M Series
  • Mr. Slim

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer is brought to you by MEPcontent. It's free.

There's more information available on the MEPcontent website.

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