Friday, June 22, 2018

Scan to BIM – Pipe Extraction

Editor's Note: This add-in is not to be confused with IMAGINiT's add-in of the same name, which has been discontinued.

From the Scan to BIM website:

Scan To BIM

Pipe extraction from point cloud Revit add-in

The most affordable pipe extraction solution at only $49/month.


Get started with Scan To BIM pipe extraction


Pay only $49/month. Cancel any time you wish.

Revit Add-in

Save time by avoiding transfer of point clouds in and out of intermediate feature extraction softwares.

Pipe Extraction

Extract straight pipes as native Revit family instances.


Why customers love us

Here are some important facts and testimonials from customers using Scan To BIM Revit add-in.

Using a tool to improve pipe recognition in a scan to BIM service is the way to have high accuracy and productivity. When you don't need to learn how to use another software and this improvement happens inside Revit, that is awesome! Scan to BIM is an easy to use and strong tool that helps us save time and get high accuracy in our projects.

Ramon Cirilo - WeCoordinate

I just installed this lightweight Add-in and it works flawlessly. I'd been keeping an ear to the ground with some of initiatives and i'm very pleased with this result. I'd encourage anyone looking for a quick solution for modest pipe extraction to look no further. This is no replacement for ClearEdge or PointSense, but is easy, intuitive and fast. Seems very reasonable at the price-point currently offered.

Scott Reed - Prologue Systems


Your monthly subscription price



For pipe extraction from point cloud in Revit

Floating License

Scan to BIM is brought to you by Indoor Intelligence. It's priced at US $49.00/month.

There's more information available on the Scan to BIM website.

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