Sunday, October 14, 2018

UNIFI CREATE – Content Creation Services

From the UNIFI website:


Quality content creation services and expert content strategy support for AECOs and Manufacturers with UNIFI CREATE.


Makes life easier for anyone who needs BIM content.

  • UNIFI CREATE delivers premium custom Revit content designed to meet the needs of designers and specifiers.
  • We partner with AECOs and manufacturers for both short and long term engagements to consult and support successful BIM content strategies.
  • We create Revit content designers and specifiers love to use.


  • Trying to create high quality design files with bad BIM content is like trying to make a delicious omelette with rotten eggs.
  • Good BIM content supports good design files and can make the entire design process easier and more efficient.


  • The definition of good BIM content is unique to product type, the needs of the designers by discipline and made even more difficult to nail down due to the unique needs of individual design firms.
  • Because of this, BPMs struggle to deliver good content that AECOs can readily use. AECOs also struggle in their attempt to keep their design teams well stocked with upgraded and firm-approved BIM content to meet the demands of design projects.


  • Knowing how to make great BIM content means understanding what AECOs need. The UNIFI CREATE team has been building premium Revit content for AECOs and manufacturers for over 10 years. During this time we've grown to understand the unique content data needs of AECOs based on design discipline and product type.
  • When we need more information to support your BIM content strategy we don't play guessing games, we instead reach out to our AECO Advisory Panel comprised of some of the worlds foremost experts in BIM content needs from the AECO perspective.

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BIM Content for AECOs

  • Bad BIM content can drain internal AECO resources, stall projects and even grind design teams to a halt with a design file crash. Bad content can also affect the quality of the completed design files.
  • UNIFI CREATE services helps AECOs save time, money and improve design file quality with quality BIM content creation support.

BIM Content for Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers make huge investments in BIM content to support product sales but all too often find themselves in positions where designers just can't use their content due to quality issues.
  • UNIFI CREATE services helps manufacturers define and support their content related sales and marketing strategies with quality BIM content creation and experienced consultation services.

UNIFI CREATE is brought to you by UNIFI Labs. Pricing was not known at press time.

There's more information available on the UNIFI website.

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