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NBS Chorus – Intelligent Construction Specification, in the Cloud

From the NBS website:

Intelligent construction specification, in the cloud

Work smarter and safer, collaborate better and connect your workflow

Construction success starts with the specification

Introducing NBS Chorus

Fully cloud-based

Chorus is a fully online specification platform for construction. Access anywhere, on any capable device (including Mac), with lightning-fast performance and ultimate scalability for all sizes of organisation. No complicated installs for IT to manage.

Keeping you safe in the cloud

The cloud has been proven to be a reliable and secure choice for even the largest organizations, and is fast becoming the most trusted data solution.

We take data security very seriously, and you can be reassured that we have taken all the necessary steps to protect your data and maintain our cloud security.

Below, we've included some frequently asked questions to share more detail about how we keep your data safe.

How safe is my data in NBS Chorus?

We test our platform against the Google VSAQ (Vendor Security Assessment Questionnaire) – the process that Google uses to assess vendor security to ensure the highest levels of compliance.

VSAQ is a collection of adaptable questionnaires for evaluating a given vendor’s security and privacy posture. Whilst we do not publicly publish the results of this questionnaire, we can make this information available upon request. For further details on VSAQ, click here.

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored in secure data centres in Europe operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the internet and used to store, manage and process data in place of local servers or personal computers.

How is the cloud protected?

Chorus runs with AWS’ state of the art infrastructure, and makes use of its comprehensive security features to enforce rigorous access control and defend against threats such as DDoS attacks. Our policy is to keep data encrypted in transit and at rest, wherever possible, to eliminate the possibility of any unauthorized access.

Who owns the data?

NBS claims no ownership rights to data entered by users into NBS Chorus. All of the intellectual property rights in the NBS Chorus Service, the NBS Content and in any materials or software created or used in the provision of training are, and shall remain at all times, the sole and exclusive property of NBS or its licencors.

How is my data backed up?

Our infrastructure is designed to be extremely reliable, and makes use of the latest cloud technologies to minimize the risk of any data loss. Data is continually backed up with a restoration window target of five minutes (the maximum potential of any data loss in the unlikely event of a problem). Data and back-ups are stored on systems with a designed durability of 99.999999999%, giving robust protection from component failure leading to data loss.

Comprehensive, authoritative content

Reduce your risk and rely on our multi-disciplinary specialist team to keep on top of thousands of changes to construction standards. Chorus offers the most comprehensive, high-quality content available, with multiple content sets and links to standards; and natively supports the Uniclass 2015 classification required for BIM projects.

Scope of content

Libraries of pre-written specification clauses, guidance and manufacturer product information are written by our multi-disciplinary specialist team.

NBS Chorus covers multi-discipline content, which means that an accurate specification can be written in less time, avoiding the risk of duplicated or conflicting content.

  • United Kingdom – Uniclass 2015
  • Australia – Uniclass 2015
  • Canada – CMS
  • Canada – NMS
  • Canada – NMS (French)


Work smarter than with any other specification tools or word processor. Save time, connect your workflow and specify more effectively with a powerful feature set. Develop specifications quickly and intuitively, and manage knowledge across your organisation. Chorus guidance (UK content) links to the Construction Information Service for documents and standards, and the NBS National BIM Library for BIM objects.

Integrate model and specification

Chorus enables you to develop your model and specification in parallel. Develop your specification directly within the Autodesk Revit® environment. Keep your information co-ordinated and create a seamless link between your design and specification, saving you time and reducing the risk of information becoming out of sync.

Multiple users, working at once

Empower your team members to work together on specs in real-time, across organisations and locations. Powerful browser-based collaboration allows multiple users and teams to develop specifications together, making instant updates.

Manufacturer product data

Find the right products for your projects, without searching for hours. Instantly select from thousands of construction products from leading manufacturers, pre-written in specification and BIM object format, all to NBS standards.

Manufacturers find out more here

Pricing and purchase

A subscription to NBS Chorus also gives you access to NBS Create and NBS Building so you can transition in your own time.

We have a range of price plans for different organizations, featuring:
  • Access to NBS Chorus
  • Access to NBS Create/NBS Building
  • 13,000+ Guidance articles
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Model integration via Revit® Plug-in
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Continually updated content

Manufacturer? NBS puts your products in the places that matter

NBS Plug-ins

NBS Plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®

The plug-in addresses the issues of risk around information currency associated with the traditional import and export approach and keynote functionality. Notably, that frequent changes in the specification and the drawings means that the potential for the exported CAD and specification information to become out of date is high.

Which NBS products work with the plug-in?

The plug-in will work with specification documents produced using NBS Chorus, NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Landscape, NBS Scheduler and NBS Domestic Specification. This means that if you are a contractor who is a recipient of a specification document and is using the read-only contractor version of NBS Create, you can enjoy some of the benefits of the plug-in too.

Download the plug-in


You can label elements and materials in your drawing with the relevant clause references in your specification by exporting the specification clause reference and titles from NBS to a number of different "keynote" formats compatible with AutoCAD, Bentley Architecture and Vectorworks software.

To see how this works with Autodesk® Revit® and NBS products, watch the software tutorial movie on NBS Specification Software - NBS Building and Autodesk® Revit®.

Which NBS products can keynote functionality be used with?

Keynotes can be used with NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Landscape, NBS Scheduler and NBS Domestic.
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