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Modelobjects – The Real-Time BIM Messenger for Revit

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Great teams walk the talk.
The constant back, forth, question, answer, and continued dialogue can be all too much for some BIM collaboration tools to handle. Today's CAD collaboration tools lack the quickfire interaction needed to drive collective team decision making. They can also lock users into formal, prolonged and sometimes unnecessary workflow. Modelobjects has reinvented intra-team communications by putting your BIM models at the center of the discussion.

Increased Design Productivity
Conversations drive the design process in AEC projects. Modelobjects streamlines the dialogue, pin-pointing the discussion to the areas of your 3D model where it's needed most.

Better Stakeholder Management
Non-technical, site, facility and other managers can interact and communicate directly with the core design or engineering team, driving fast and efficient stakeholder inputs.

Faster Team Alignment
Across the AEC spectrum, changes in one discipline can have knock-on effects in others. With Modelobjects, conversations take place in a virtual office where everyone is around the table.

Key Features
Software plugins; by creating add-ons for popular desktop-based CAD software such as Autodesk® Revit®, Modelobjects enables users to seamlessly communicate across the entire federated team, intuitively inside the tools where you spend most of your time. Add-ons talk to other software users and to users of the web application. You can install add-ons directly from the vendor marketplaces and via the Modelobjects web application.

Bind your team conversations to specific objects inside your shared model. File transfer .rfa and other files to team members inside Revit enabling fast model modification. Along with a whole host of other features for team management and collaboration.

Web Application; the Modelobjects web application gives any user access to the same collaboration tools and feature set as the CAD software add-ons. With the added benefit of accessing the team conversation from any browser-enabled device.

From the web application, object properties can be written to the shared model for further working and manipulation via the desktop software. Making it easy for facility and site managers to re-write as-built properties back to the shared model on-the-fly. Web users can also manage team access, payments, storage limits and receive real-time web support.

Autodesk Forge
Working with Microsoft Azure, Autodesk, and the Forge developer program, Modelobjects offers a solution that is robust, secure and scalable. Modelobjects users can be assured that your model data, compatibility and integrity is maintained throughout the entire lifecycle of your project through the power of Forge.

Collaboration for AEC and BIM Professionals
Users can also chat privately (1:1) share .rfa and other files, manage tasks, send screenshots with markups between any machine using Revit or our web application.

The web application supports any browser-enabled device so team members can interact and follow the conversation while away from the workstation. The web application also has a "Trello-like" agile project management feature set allowing web users to co-ordinate larger projects in a fluid agile / kanban manner.

Modelobjects' uniqueness sets the new standard in BIM collaboration by being.
  • Lightweight
  • Relevant workflow only
  • Fosters team agility
  • Intuitive Interaction
  • Real-time conversation
  • Visual communication
  • Model Focused
  • Supporting RVT & IFC
  • Object-level granularity
  • Multi-environment
  • Connecting desktop & cloud
  • Across AEC disciplines

Project cards in web application along with contacts and file browser.

Trial Description

There is a free trial version for 30 days. This can be extended by contacting us via the support icon at the bottom left of the browser on After the trial period has expired users will need to purchase a paid monthly subscription.

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About This Version

Version 2.0, 8/20/2019

- Trello-like agile / kanban management
- Connects with the Revit Add-in (also published by Modelobjects)

Modelobjects is brought to you by Modelobjects B.V.. This is a trial version. Pricing is as follows:

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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