Monday, May 16, 2022

Free Power Automate from Autodesk: Connect Design Data to Microsoft Power Automate Automated Workflows

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With Microsoft Power Automate, anyone can build automated business processes between hundreds of apps to boost their productivity. Now, by using Autodesk® Data Exchange Connector for Power Automate, you can also connect design data to your automated flows.

Through Data Exchanges, you and your collaborators can share and use subsets of design and make data in your app of choice. Automatically receive notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams when updates to your exchange occur, create costing spreadsheets based on specific Autodesk® Revit® categories, or generate insightful PowerBI dashboards that include only the information you want to share – all in Power Automate, via the Data Exchange Connector. Start connecting your design data today by exploring our pre-defined workflow templates on the Power Automate platform.

Currently available for Revit data through the Autodesk Construction Cloud®.

Connect and visualize your design data in apps
such as PowerBI in your flow

Connect your design data to apps – like Excel – in
your automated workflow

Set up the specific design data you bring into
other apps in your automated flow

Find the Data Exchange Connector among many other
App Connectors in Power Automate

Create data exchanges in Autodesk Construction Cloud
(Docs) from Revit 3D Views

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This add-in is compatible with Revit 2023.

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