Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Building Programming with Trelligence Affinity

Extending BIM and Enhancing Interoperability

As an integral part of interoperability and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Trelligence Affinity™ connects the requirements of a building program with the elements of the spatial design, giving you the ability to identify which constraints are being met and which ones are not.


Affinity software starts with tools for architectural programming. You can collect program information in a central place and share it with your project constituents. Instead of managing forms or keeping track of lists, use Affinity project programming as the consistent source to integrate all the information you need to track about your building projects.


Affinity’s schematic design tools help you visualize your space program and share ideas with your clients. Visualize the site plan and each story of your building, and lay out the spaces and rooms with Affinity’s easy-to-use graphical tools for space planning. Conduct multiple what-if scenarios together with the owner and design team. Affinity also allows you visualize the building in 3D block diagrams.


Affinity software automatically analyzes the schematic design as it relates to the program requirements so you can easily identify violations and try various design options. Affinity tracks the history of requirement changes and reports on the program and project plan as it changes during collaboration.


The work you do in Affinity architectural software is never wasted. Import the Affinity program and schematic design into your CAD software, estimation tools or other architectural software. If you use BIM tools such as ArchiCAD from Graphisoft or Revit from Autodesk you can open Affinity files in the BIM environment, continue to design the project and Affinity features are still available to analyze the changing design against your program requirements.


Affinity is built to model your architectural processes. Overlaying each project in Affinity is a highly customizable template that allows you to map your specific process as well as the building type on which you are working. You can customize the project programming questionnaires and forms so the information you track is specific to your type of projects. Whether you build hospitals or factories, Affinity can track the details of your program and doesn’t require you to sift through information you don’t need. In the schematic design tools, you can organize the spaces, name them and change them to meet your design needs. Affinity is flexible software that makes your work relevant and accurate.

More information on Trelligence Affinity here.

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