Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IES Virtual Environment (VE)

IES integrates with Autodesk Revit (BIM)

Toolbar enables environmental performance analysis


Free energy and carbon plug-in for SketchUp and Revit

  • Suitable for all building types across worldwide locations
  • Easy to use – produce results at the touch of a few buttons
  • Data entry and outputs are managed for you
  • Uses full technical capabilities of IES’s powerful dynamic thermal simulation
  • Based  on real climate data and typical characteristics of buildings and systems


Early-stage quick, iterative analysis from SketchUp and Revit®

The IES VE-Toolkits are intended to guide early design decisions through quick iterative assessments

The greatest impact on sustainability is made in the earliest design stages, when time is short and feedback needs to be rapid. With the VE-Toolkits the quantitative understanding of building energy performance can now be a collaborative effort between architects and engineers.

Revolutionary architectural analysis

With VE-Gaia the simulation process is de-mystified in an easy to understand layout, providing the perfect entry level to key architectural  analysis functions.

Architects can input and manipulate exact building data within an integrated central data model, allowing users to progress from early ballpark ‘apple with apple’ comparisons into detailed calculations, fine tuning and reportage.


Innovative, award-winning and in-depth suite of integrated analysis tools

A flexible, integrated system for performance assessment that brings productivity and excellence to every aspect of sustainable building design.

Used by leading sustainable design experts around the globe VE-Pro can virtually test the
feasibility of different energy saving strategies and new technologies.
It is an itelligence response to climate change.

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