Monday, October 3, 2011

Revit Integrator for Revit Structural (Updated)

Press release: CSC releases Revit Integrator

23 September 2011

Leading structural software developer, CSC, today announces the release of its ground breaking new BIM integration tool, Revit Integrator. This unique and free tool enables structural engineers and technicians to synchronise models between Autodesk Revit Structure and CSC's steel building design software, Fastrak, and concrete building design software, Orion.

“Revit Integrator is a major step forward for all those companies involved in Structural BIM, giving enhanced control to the technicians and engineers who share, amend and synchronise models”, comments Kevin Lea, BIM Business Development Manager at CSC. “This new functionality will enable synchronisation of models to take place throughout the entire project, without compromising existing or new modelling work.”

Revit Integrator enables engineers to filter groups of structural objects, ignore geometrical changes, communicate end forces, openings and stiffeners, and intelligently map family types between modelling systems. This new tool also highlights what’s been added, changed or deleted during synchronisation, thus enabling engineers to react to changes quickly and reduce the risk of errors.

“The seamless integration between Fastrak and Orion, and Revit Structure, improves project communication and increases productivity as engineers and technicians can report and manage incremental model changes easily”, comments Lea.

Download Revit Integrator for free here.

Updated 1/23/2016: Updated link to point to the product download page on the Tekla website.

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Hi! Could we export Orion v18 model to Revit 2016?