Friday, October 21, 2011

Building Programming with dRofus

dRofus is an advanced, easy-to-use, software for integrated program management. The tool is used in a large number of projects in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and the US.

More and more clients, contractors, architects and engineering firms are adopting dRofus and TIDA.

The program is rapidly becoming established as the standard in the Norwegian building industry.

dRofus supports the key business processes required in construction projects:

  • Planning and mapping of areas, rooms and functions
  • Room Data Sheet (RDS), registration and monitoring of the requirements for each room ·
  • FF&E planning, cost control and procurement of FF&E
  • Check and visualization of designed model through IFC

The introduction of BIM means that the necessity for accurate and accessible information has become even more important.

dRofus supports the exchange  of data through IFC. Therefore the program can check the designed model against the programmed requirements, as well as enriching the IFC model with data from dRofus allowing requirement data to be made available in BIM. All data is transmitted over the Internet and stored centrally. When using dRofus everyone involved has access to updated data at any time. dRofus helps you track and control information, the I’ in BIM.

A Revit plugin for Revit Architecture is available to aid Revit users to keep data in Revit up to date with dRofus.

More information is available on the dRofus website.

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