Monday, April 30, 2012


Draw electrical circuits as you want them! Want switch legs, travelers, and dimming control wires? This is your answer!

The program B-G-ECircuit draws electrical circuits as annotation lines, arcs, and families in Revit. The program can also add tics to an existing line or arc. B-G-ECircuit does not connect electrical families like Revit MEP's Wire; the circuits are not part of the model. However it has these advantages:
  • Arrows are customizable.
  • Additional tics are available for switch legs and travelers.
  • Additional tics are available for dimming control wires.
  • You control of the direction of the tics.
  • You can draw circuits on detail sketches.
  • Multiple arrows stay on the arc curve.
  • All variants of Revit are supported.
  • Tics family symbols are created on-the-fly as needed. 

Drawing a circuit is quick. After choosing the tics configuration, three clicks draws the arcs and places the perfectly-aligned tics. The next circuit you draw is just another three clicks. The program remembers the last tics configuration. Restart Revit, and everything is as you left it. Snaps are conveniently set to Nearest/Endpoints/Intersections while drawing wire and Nearest while placing tics.

This add-in is available for US $80 on the Autodesk Exchange | Apps website.

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