Thursday, April 12, 2012

AR Software Solutions for Revit: ARUtils, ARRevision, ARHead of the Family


A suite of Revit Apps to help find, create, monitor, and ensure consistency within Revit.

- Add search functionality to your project explorer. Find views, materials, walls using specific materials, and so much more, all with simple wildcard searches. A must for big projects or for new team members.
- Easily create and open a section view parallel to any face, cropped exactly to the item. Pick items from any view and section box crop them to a 3d view. All just in one click.
- Change the case of entire categories of items to Upper, Lower, Proper, add text, replace text. Works on views, sheets, materials and, of course, notes.
- Sequentially renumber rooms to your standards and have all the elevations, doors, windows, renumber / rename at the same time.
- Create wall and material legends.
- Rename views and materials based on their parameters or structure.
- Round trip walls, materials, line & fill, patterns, sheets and rooms, views, and anything else to and from Excel.
- Export PDFs, DWFs, DWGs, using your naming conventions.
- Easily reload and monitor your project families when they get out of sync with files on disk.
- Easily manage imports in your project.


Keep track of changes within your project, and who made the change. Protect items from deletion.

On a large project, or even on small ones, it's important to keep track of what's been changed since the last issue.

The Revit App - Revision Monitor, time and user stamps items when they are changed. View filters can then highlight the changed items, or half-tone unchanged items.

Knowing who caused an unwanted change allows you to provide further training to that user.

Protect Monitor allows you to protect items from accidental deletion.

Revision / Protect Monitor is a part of the ARUtils download.

ARHead of the Family

"Head of the Family" will batch process all your families and enforce your standards.

The Revit App - Head of the Family will batch process your families and enforce your standards, or ANZRS standards*.

- Report on family details to specified levels. Report on types, category settings, materials, parameters and their values, nested components, etc.
- Set preview Icons. Handles both 2D and 3D families, hiding reference planes, dimensions, walls for wall based items. 3D views have a consistent orientation and visual style
- Update category color and linestyle settings
- Delete unused materials
- Quarantine families with imports
- Rename materials
- Add parameters
- Add shared parameters
- Rename parameters
- Replace parameters with shared parameters
- Update values of parameters
- Apply ANZRS standards
- Warn on ANZRS non compliance
- NEW Correct text styles in your tags
- NEW User defined file prefixes

Head of the Family is part of the ARUtils download.

There's more information on the AR Software Solutions website, including pricing information.

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