Friday, June 29, 2012

PopIcon Software for Interface Customization

Your humble blogger is trawlling the vendor area at RTC for fresh add-ins, and has found a few. First up: PopIcon:

PopIcon™ Software Puts Families and Icons at Your Fingertips


PopIcon™ Software is an application programming interface for Autodesk Revit that makes it faster and easier to create building models and documentation because you can easily find, select and place your components directly into your model without having to search and load additional families from your Revit library.

Product Features and Benefits
  • Select elements to place from easy to understand icons on tabular ribbons—no hunting for families.
  • Software includes six popIcon tabs plus popIcon families designed specifically for Revit Structure technology.
  • Add your own custom tools to popIcon’s Custom Components panel for easy access to your own symbols and families.
  • PopIcon loads along with Revit software. No additional waiting. It is simple to use—just click and place components directly into your drawing.
  • Makes learning and using Revit software easier.
  • Makes detailing in Revit software as fast and easy as CAD.
  • Improves Q/A and drawing quality by giving users access to a common library with the same symbols and names.

Click image for a larger version

There's more information available on the PopIcon website.

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