Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Whether you're using a public cloud or your company is planning on hosting their own private cloud. CSG BIM Cloud is a set of rapidly deployable and scalable solutions that allows all project team members access to models and data from your server, regardless of physical location at production capable speeds!

CSG BIMcloud® allows you to:
  • Collaborate in real-time using your existing model/centralized data workflow
  • Deliver production capable speeds to project team members
  • Provide access to consultants, branch offices and remote users, while maintaining data security
  • Support existing, LAN based workflow
  • Collaborate with no additional IT infrastructure
  • Use your own software and custom content

CSG BIMcloud® is:
  • Affordable - Implement for a single or many project teams
  • Scalable - Two users or dozens; and only while the user needs access
  • Risk free - Proof-of-Concept is available; know the solution works before you buy
  • Rapidly Deployable - Utilize your existing hardware and software investments
  • Easy to Use - No user training required; model centric workflow stays intact

There's more information on the CSG BIM Solutions website.

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