Monday, July 2, 2012

Revit[]Connect - Project Acceleration Environment

Fast. Reliable. Efficient.

Multi-team collaboration, seamless workflows and rapid information exchange are at the core of a successful BIM project.

Providing the support and infrastructure requirements can be challenging, Applied Software has developed a fast, reliable and efficient solution with Revit[]Connect™ and the Revit Server Appliance™ (RSA).

Revit[]Connect keeps your firm from being at the mercy of internet data connection bandwidth limitations between satellite offices, and your partner company’s offices when your project incorporates shared Revit project files. Until now, the best method of providing adequate performance has been to implement expensive hardware based WAN accelerators. Revit[]Connect solves this significant and costly problem for your projects.

Applied Software’s Revit[]Connect, in combination with Revit® Server 2013, is a purpose built solution that will improve and accelerate your collaboration process. The solution provides a scalable and secure environment that will allow you to add additional offices, partners or projects as required.

There's more information on the Applied Software website.

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