Friday, August 17, 2012

Project Falcon - Wind Tunnel Simulation

"The free* technology preview, Project Falcon, is wind tunnel simulation software designed to be used early in the conceptual design phase. It has seamless integration with Autodesk® Alias software. It allows for interactive investigation of the aerodynamic performance of designs at any stage. Industrial designers can get intuitive simulation results for their designs in seconds with no specialist knowledge required. Simply launch Project Falcon and results appear immediately.

"In addition, the latest release of Project Falcon installs as a standalone version. This allows anyone to bring geometry in from anywhere. A robust STL reader was added that opens the doors to conceptual wind tunnel simulation to everyone. Practically all modeling software export STL that can simply be imported into Falcon.

"Project Falcon makes use of a revolutionary new automatic meshing technology that can handle any geometry at any stage of design. Flow and wind pressure results update almost in real-time in response to changes in wind-direction and speed. These results can be used to improve design decision making much earlier in the process.

"Understanding the aerodynamic behaviour of your design is critical whenever air flows over, around, or through a design. As “organic” surfacing becomes more prevalent in industrial design, so too does the opportunity to create designs that work in harmony with the wind to reduce costly aerodynamic drag."

This free technology preview may be downloaded from the Autodesk Labs website.