Friday, August 24, 2012

Free NBS Plug-in for Linking Specifications to Revit

"At NBS we know that our software and technical information fits into the wider construction workflow. With this in mind, we aim to help construction professionals save time and improve accuracy with respect to coordinating their project information.

"A year ago we released an open software toolkit that allows NBS to be embedded into other software applications. This was done with the hope that other construction software vendors that produce documentation, CAD, programming or costing tools would choose to work with us. We are now delighted to have plug-ins for two of the major international BIM software tools. A plug-in for Graphisoft ArchiCAD was released last year, we have just released a plug-in for Autodesk Revit and we are optimistic that more will follow."

"The Revit database may be linked to an NBS specification file. The user may then associate the objects within the Revit model with the corresponding systems and products in the specification. Prior to issuing documentation generated from the coordinated Revit and NBS models, the user may select to 'Verify all annotations' to ensure that all associated information is fine and fix any information where required."

"The annotations are added directly from the specification database. There is no need to retype or export/import any information. This is clearly a big time saver and has significant benefits in terms of accuracy of information.

"The key reference information from the specification is added as parameters to the corresponding Revit objects. This means that the data may used in tags and schedules and manipulated to appear in whatever format a particular practice chooses. Furthermore, as these parameters are stored against the objects, then as this information is transferred to construction or FM systems then it is maintained. Figure 4 shows this information within the Solibri Model Checker software following an export from Revit to IFC 2x3.

"We will continue to improve the software tool kit so that more functionality is added to our plug-ins. We will also strive to work with other software vendors in the industry to support the workflows in the construction industry."

This free add-in may be downloaded from the NBS website.

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