Thursday, September 27, 2012

IMAGINiT Expands their Clarity Product Line with IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare

IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare
Share the Model, Automate the Work.
All while you keep designing.

With IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare you can save time and headaches by generating deliverables, automating tasks like printing PDFs, DWFs, exporting to IFC, gbXML, or backing up your projects. Non-Revit users can now have real-time project access including information such as room datasheets, schedules and custom reports.

Providing valuable information to your key project stakeholders, IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare will help you communicate design progress and save your staff time.

Want to collaborate securely online? Check out IMAGINiT Clarity and Clarity LT for Revit Server.

IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare uses file-based sharing and offers enhancements and tools such as:

Task Automation
  • Generate PDF and DWF files
  • Update Room Datasheets on demand
  • Automated Backup, exporting of files like PDF, DWF, IFC or Images

Team Accountability

  • Online dashboard provides insight for project management and quality control
  • Review and monitor activity from anywhere, on any type of device

Performance Advisor Report
  • Conducts 17 Revit model performance checks that Autodesk recommends
  • Provides simple reporting and the ability to assign various team members to fix any identified issues

Reporting Options
  • Real-time access to Revit data via the Project Web Portal
  • Access to custom reports and schedules, even for non-Revit users
  • Automated creation of Room Datasheets
  • Report wizard for custom report building
  • Revisions, Detailed Items, Material Quantity and View Reports
  • Export to additional formats – including Microsoft Excel

There more information on IMAGINiT Clarity Workshare on the IMAGINiT website.

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