Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revit SP.Writer - Manage Shared Parameters from Excel

"I always hear first hand from companies and end users the difficulties they have managing their shared parameters files under the Autodesk Revit platform. Lets be honest, it isn’t a fun task and Autodesk has done little to make our lives easier. Some companies are still not implementing schedules in Revit just due to the fact that Shared Parameters are so difficult and time consuming to work with."

Revit SP.Writer is intended to allow users to create, manage and organize their shared parameters outside of Revit easily allowing for importing and exporting compatible files.

  • Import Shared Parameter ’.txt’ files
  • Export Shared Parameter ‘.txt’ files
  • Create New Shared parameters
  • Selective Export from Parameter Library
  • Organize Parameters

This free add-in for Microsoft Excel may be downloaded from the BIM Source website.


Anonymous said...

The link is broken.

Tim Grimm said...

Thanks for letting me know. I've updated the link.

Alan J. said...

Latest version is here on new site. Thanks.

Tim Grimm said...

Thanks Alan. I've updated the link and will also post about the new version.

Unknown said...

Does your product have the ability to copy and paste parameters between two SP files and have them still work?

Unknown said...

Will your product copy and paste parameters between two SP files and still work?

Tim Grimm said...

Bernie: I suggest that you contact the developer directly using the BIM Source link near the end of the article.