Friday, August 16, 2013

Navigator Pano Review - Review and Markup 3D Design Models on the iPad

"Navigator Pano Review lets you navigate, view, and mark up 3D models for design review and coordination as well as site inspections – all with full markup synchronization in collaborative workflows – now anywhere, right on your iPad! It also uniquely provides panoramic navigation in an immersive environment for true “hands-on” reviews. With this innovative capability, you can navigate models by simply moving your iPad as though it were a “window into the model.” And the iPad’s motion sensors and touch screens also give you fast and easy access to object properties – such as the thickness of a pipe, its color, or its pressure rating.

"Use this versatile app to review “points-of-interest” in models to quickly access the information when needed. Any annotations made on your iPad can then be merged with the models on desktop software. Bentley’s i-models (containers for open infrastructure information exchange) optimized for the iPad can combine any DGN, Revit, DWG, DXF, Rhino (3DM), and 3DS files."

There's more information avialable on the Bentley website.

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