Friday, August 16, 2013

MWF Pro Truss Add-in for Revit Structure (Updated – Retired)

Updated October 22, 2016 to mark as retired.

MWF Pro Truss automates the creation and placement of light gauge steel or wood trusses in Revit®.

MWF Pro Truss reads Revit® roof elements and creates a customized truss layout based on user templates.  Select your truss type, input reference points, and let MWF Pro Truss do the rest. MWF Pro Truss will do in minutes what might have taken hours or days with Revit® alone.

MWF Pro Truss is available individually or as part of MWF Pro Suite, which is composed of MWF Pro Wall, MWF Pro Floor and MWF Pro Truss.

MWF Pro Truss Feature Summary
  • Creates shop drawings
  • Automated creation of whole roof systems
  • User controlled preferences & templates
  • Rule sets allow for designation of certain trusses based on user-defined parameters
  • Multiple truss types
  • Quantify truss types for ordering
  • Export truss envelope information for truss plate calculation & manufacturing
  • Maximise your ROI with MWF Training
  • Available for Autodesk® Revit® Structure & Architecture 2012, 2013 and 2014

Truss framing in Revit with MWF - truss type examples

Truss framing in Revit with MWF - basic roof

There's more information available on the StructSoft website.

This product has been retired by the manufacturer. For StrucSoft Solutions' current product list, see this article.

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