Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CTC's BIM Project Suite Gets 3 New Tools

The Ultimate version of CAD Technology Center's Revit Express Tools BIM Project Suite now includes the following new tool:

Model Compare

This tool compares the differences between two versions of a project.

  • Compare models to identify changes
  • Find changes made by consultants, don’t miss another change!
  • Health check models over time

The Premium version of the BIM Project Suite contains the following two new tools:

This tool lists revision information, including view and sheet associations, and allows the results to be saved to a spreadsheet file. 
  • Export revision information for project archives
  • Identify which parts of a model were effected by a revision
  • Validate that revision best practices are being followed

This Revit add-in automates the Spreadsheet Link tool using previously-saved settings.
  • Quickly reapply mass change settings to a project, using Spreadsheet Link's calculated parameters
  • Load settings from a file, or right from the project itself
  • Spreadsheet-experienced users can define settings, less experienced users can apply them to the Revit project

In total, the BIM Project Suite includes the following tools:
  • Standard (FREE)
    • BIM List
    • Detail Link
    • Project Link
    • Renumbering
  • Premium (includes Standard)
    • Fire Rating
    • Revision Reporter
    • Spreadsheet Drafter
    • Spreadsheet Link
    • Spreadsheet Link Express
  • Ultimate (includes Standard and Premium)
    • COBie2 Link
    • Model Compare
    • Room Family Manager

There's more information available on the CAD Technology Center website.

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