Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free RDBK_Flipper Add-in for Revit

From RedBike Systems comes the free RDBK_Flipper add-in...

"It's a common practice among Architects, particularly in major projects, to number doors (and sometimes windows) with a reference to the room into which they enter. Typically, the numbering sequence begins at '1' for each room.

"When you first place a door or window into a wall bounded by a room, Autodesk® Revit® will assign its ToRoom and FromRoom properties according to the room that it enters. Often, however, design changes require these elements must be flipped to the opposite direction and in this event, Autodesk Revit does not update its ToRoom and FromRoom settings so applied room references in door or window numbers will read incorrectly.

"Before Redbike's Flipper app you would need to delete the door or window and create a new instance, re-entering all properties - an inefficient process. With Flipper you can simply select doors or windows to automatically flip the ToRoom/FromRoom properties. Optionally, you can select a room element prior to selecting door or window elements to ensure that the selected element's ToRoom property is set to the selected room. Note that selected elements must lie on one of the selected rooms bounding walls.

"Typically, you will select a door (or window) that enters the room, but Flipper will allow such elements to reference a room from which it leaves. This is appropriate in the case of an ensuite door adjacent a patient bedroom where the door number will reference the ensuite but the door swings into the bedroom.

"You will need to manually update door or window mark properties with the new ToRoom/FromRoom value, or use Redbike's AutoNumber Update command to automatically refresh the values."

The free RDBK_Flipper add-in may be downloaded from the Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

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