Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Source Code to Remove "Duplicate Type Mark" Warnings in Revit

Our friend Harry Mattison offers several time saving and productivity enhancing add-ins for Revit on his Boost our BIM blog. For coding-minded individuals, there are additional add-ins in the form of source code in some of his posts. In fact, one of his earliest threads is just such an example...

"A friend asked how we could use the API to resolve the 'Duplicate Type Mark' warnings. This situation occurs when multiple users are adding elements (such as doors) and Revit is automatically numbering the instance parameter “Mark” for each instance. Each independent session of Revit does not know what mark values are being applied in the other sessions of Revit, so the elements in both local files get mark values 1, 2, 3," and 'Duplicate Type Mark warnings are raised every time the Revit project is opened.

In a series of four posts, Harry provides the add-in source code needed to clean up the file and remove these warnings.

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