Thursday, February 27, 2014

Free Viewport Renumber Add-in for Revit
From the LMNts website...

I review many of the Revit models for the different projects in the office and one common thing I see is that views are not numbered in any logical order on a sheet.  It’s likely that the team just threw a bunch of views onto a sheet just to have the content there and intended to get back to it in order to clean up the organization and numbering in addition to any annotative tasks.   The problem is the renumbering is such a low priority it’s often left to the very end of a project when the team is already under heavy load just to get the project delivered on time.

It was one such project that I was reviewing just as they were nearing finishing construction documents and had a list of additional tasks for the team that was already quite busy.  In an attempt to make this one task at least a little easier I spent a little time writing a plugin that I could hand off to the team to renumber views more quickly.

There’s not much of an interface for this one, you simply go to a sheet and run the command.  It will then go into a selection mode asking you to “Pick viewports in the desired order.”

Then you go through and pick the viewports in the order you want them renumbered.  The selection occurs in a loop because the group selection options via the Revit API tend to order the selection by ElementID and not picked order.  Because of this you need to hit the Esc key once to move from selection mode to the next stage where you set the starting number and increment (step size).

This is the only UI to the command and it lets you specify the starting number and the step size.  It can increment the number forwards or backwards, but currently only works with numbers, no alpha or special characters yet.  Once you’re happy with that click OK to renumber the views.  You will get an error if you try to number a view to an existing number that’s not part of the selection set.  So if you have 10 views, but are only renumber 5 of them, you can’t use any of the numbers used by the other half.

There's more information on the LMNts website.

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