Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New RPC Creator Add-in for Revit from Archvision

From the Archvision website...

Convert 2D Images into RPCs Instantly

Expand your firm's RPC content collection instantly with RPC Creator.

RPC Creator is a new feature available only in ArchVision Dashboard. Easily convert existing commercial, public or personal 32-bit TIFF or PNG image into an RPC and easily place into any supported application. Quickly add meta data for searchability and organization.
  • Convert any alpha-masked TIFF or PNG image to RPC 
  • Automatic creation of geometry and previews 
  • Bulk processing of your TIFF and PNG libraries 
  • Add real-world height for each RPC and it scales perfectly in your scenes 
  • Full support for custom RPCs in Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering

There's more information available on the Archvision website.

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