Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Free Award-Winning Color Splasher Gets a Major Update

From the Color Splasher V3.0 website...

The Color Splasher is a tool by BIM One that allows rapid understanding of model information. It filters, selects and colors elements based on parameters values to help verify model data integrity and improve visualization of non-graphical data. The users first selects the desired category, then selects a parameter and, finally, set colors for each value of this parameter.
  • Quick review of potential problems
  • Facilitates monitoring of model quality
  • Faster than creating view filters

New features

The Color Splasher of BIM One is upgraded to more practical and user-friendly experience! Here are the enhancements made:

The multi-select update lets you select multiple categories and then select a common parameter to those categories.

Color in elements on 2D views
Now coloring the cut pattern, it is easier to color your plan views and any other 2D views for coordination or presentation.

MEP categories
The Color Splasher now includes the MEP categories to support all type of projects.

There's more information available here.


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