Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lots of Advertising Changes, Including a New Lower Cost Option for Advertisers

I've always tried to make advertising on Revit Add-ons and Civil 3D Add-ons inclusive to all sizes of organizations, and to all budgets. In the hopes of furthering this, I've added a new advertising option: Horizontal Sidebars in a 4x3 aspect ratio instead of the 3x4  aspect ratio I've used exclusively for sidebar ads previously.

Ad sizes and locations

There's an example of a Horizontal Sidebar on the site: The Building Coder ad in the left-hand margin.

The Top and Bottom Banner ads have also changed, but in a different way. Previously, I rotated Top Banner ads monthly. This was rather ungainly, and didn't offer the freshest user experience. I recently did a little programing (shocking I know), and the Top and Bottom banner ads now load a random ad from the rotation with each pageload.

Lastly, I've added an Advertising Calculator form to the Advertising page. With it, you can quickly compare pricing of advertising options, and even request an invoice when you're ready.

The new Advertising Calculator

And here's a nugget: if you release all of your add-ins or source code for free or pay what you want, you qualify for a free Horizontal Sidebar ad. It's just my little way of thanking you for your efforts on behalf of the Revit user community.

I'm also opening up opportunities for ads that aren't strictly add-in related. Want to advertise a conference, consulting business, an on-demand training solution, or a Autodesk reseller business? Please, feel free.

I hope potential advertisers find these changes helpful. And to the readership: please take a few moments out of your busy day to check out the ads on Revit Add-ons and Civil 3D Add-ons. We've got some great advertisers, and many of them have created some really nice artwork for their ads. I'm sure they would appreciate your business, as I do your time. Thank you!

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