Thursday, June 18, 2015

Using Dynamo to Automate the “I” in BIM (Update 2)

Nearly a decade ago, Rob Snyder of Bentley Systems, when speaking to me about Bentley’s then groundbreaking computational modeling product Generative Components (GC), told me, “I foresee a day when people will deliver computational modeling definitions as add-ins rather than traditional macros or apps.” I think that, with Dynamo, that vision is becoming a reality.

Luke Johnson recently presciently wrote in a post on his What Revit Wants blog that generative modeling tools excel at what their platform applications excel at. For GC+MicroStation and Grasshopper+Rhino, that’s advanced freeform modeling. For Dynamo+Revit, that’s leveraging, managing and documenting the “I,” or information, in "BIM."

I first saw an example of Dynamo being used to manage BIM information when I posted about the BIM Troublemaker using Dynamo to link Revit with Excel. Lately, I’ve noticed a groundswell of other practical applications of Dynamo as evidenced by the following tweets, several of which come from a post on What Revit Wants.

Updated 7/8/2015 to include the following tweets.

Update 2: Added the following tweets on 7/23/2015...

And on and on and on...

Don't know Dynamo yet? Should you?

Ready to learn? This might be a good place to start...

Exciting times!

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