Sunday, February 28, 2016

CTC BIM Project Suite 2016.0.5 Released

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About This Version
Version 16.0.5, 2/23/2016

NEW TOOL:  Schedule Parameter Resolver
  • Schedule Parameter Resolver makes it fast and easy to synchronize multiple schedules with the right parameter information by changing the parameter definitions in the schedule to match the parameters used in families within the project, without losing the schedule formatting.

BIM List New Features:
  • New option: enable BIMList Browser to always open when a project is loaded
  • Content tab export function: export content list to spreadsheet

BIM List Enhancements:
  • Processes additional system family categories in databases: columns, mullions, slab edges, wall sweeps, fascias, gutters
  • The content tab view now displays more information about content in the database such as date added, last updated date.
  • Content tab report includes user ratings and number of times loaded
  • Search scope while in tabbed view now searches entire database
  • Database dropdown list sorts alphabetically

Fire Rating Enhancement:
  •  Tag spacing is now supported on curved walls

Revision Reporter is renamed to Revision Manager.  New features:
  • New tab: Apply Revisions, associate a revision sequence to multiple sheets at once.
  • Manage Revisions tab has three editable fields: Mark, Comments and Issued

Schedule XL New Features:
  • Spreadsheets can now be drawn in drafting views (as well as in schedules)
  • Images in spreadsheets can now be placed in Revit schedules and drafting views (Revit 2015 and 2016 only)
  • Spreadsheets can be drawn in schedules and drafting views now based on Named Ranges in the spreadsheet

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