Thursday, January 26, 2017

Free Visual Studio 2015 C# and VB.NET Revit Add-in Wizards Updated for Revit 2017

From The Building Coder blog:

Visual Studio 2015 Revit 2017 Add-in Wizards

I updated the Visual Studio Revit C# and VB add-in wizards for Revit 2017.

They enable you to create a new C# or VB Revit add-in in Visual Studio with one single click on File > New > Project... > Installed > Templates > Visual Basic/Visual C# > Revit 2017 Addin:

The wizard creates a complete Revit add-in skeleton, ready to immediately compile and run.

Just hit F5 to start debugging; the add-in manifest is automatically created, copied to the proper location, Revit launched in the debugger, and your shiny new add-in is available in the external tools menu.

The Revit 2017 Visual Studio Revit C# and VB add-in wizards are brought to you by The Building Coder. They're free.

There's more information available on The Building Coder blog.

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