Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Duct Tape for Dynamo – A New MEP-Centric Package

From the Bitbucket website:

Introducing Duct Tape for Dynamo. Duct Tape is a MEP-centric Dynamo package for the whole Revit community.



Duct tape exposes functionality of MEP elements that was previously missing. This is an ever-growing package, but we currently have support for Cable Tray creation, Mechanical System queries, and MEP Space queries.


Duct tape contains great selection methods as they relate to MEP Elements. This includes custom UI drop downs for type selection. At this time, we provide cable tray type selection for the creation of these systems.


Duct tape will also contain a lot of unit conversions as they apply to MEP. All of these nodes are made possible with workflows developed by Jason. These nodes are coming soon....


Duct Tape is a joint collaboration between Jason Boehning and John Pierson. Most of the ideas for nodes are Jason's as he is the MEP guru, and the coding is done by both Jason and John. The idea behind Duct Tape started in August 2017 at BiLTNA, and represents a unique collaboration between two friends from different worlds who are over 800 miles apart.

Awesome name for a Dynamo package!
Thanks, but Jason or John cannot take credit for the naming of the package. That goes to Racel from the Dynamo team.

There's more information available on the Bitbucket website.

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