Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Roundup – For Oct 9-15, 2017, New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store

The week of October 9, 2017 was a moderately busy one for Revit add-ins on the Autodesk App Store. Three new(ish) add-ins were published and eight were updated.

We reported on the newly published add-ins previously: Cut Opening, Excel2R and Firestop Clash Management (FCM).


Cut Opening
BIM software to create precision openings for MEP services | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2018.1, 10/11/2017 – New release for 2018

Excel2R imports MS Excel spreadsheets into Autodesk® Revit® projects, retains your style settings, and significantly speeds up project documentation | Trial
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About This Version: Version 2018.1, 10/11/2017 – New release for 2018.

Firestop Clash Management (FCM)
Firestop Clash Management plugin uses clash detection to find locations where penetrants meet fire-rated barriers and automatically selects the appropriate firestop systems | Free
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About This Version: Version 1.1.0, 10/10/2017 – Automatically generate submittals from firestop systems report. Detect design changes after initial firestop system placement into model. Insert products (BIM Objects) with a single click. Separate rated and non-rated barriers.


Re-assign the number properties, or other, of multiple elements in the order that the user selects by picking | Free
 (11 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.3.0, 10/13/2017 – Fixed Window position when outside of limits

Export your Autodesk® Revit® project to .skp for free | Free
☆☆ (5 reviews)
About This Version: Version, 10/13/2017 – Increases the accuracy and preserves LOD

One Click LCA
One Click LCA™ calculates the carbon footprint, Life-Cycle Assessment and other metrics for your building project automatically and delivers the LCA credits for LEED v4, BREEAM and other purposes | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.2, 10/13/2017 – Added support for Revit 2018

CADtoEarth is a family of innovative add-in applications for the most popular CAD packages that link modeling environment with Cesium Earth | Free
☆☆ (64 reviews)
About This Version: Version 4.0.50, 10/12/2017 – Added support for Revit 2018

The most advanced multi-page reports engine for Revit® Schedules. Share long schedules in PDF Word or send to any printer. Supports customization: title block, autosave, custom logo, font formatting | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.7, 10/12/2017 – Improved schedule table file handling.

The most advanced publisher tool for construction professionals. Exports PDF, DWG, IFC and drawing lists in 1 job, with your office standards and intelligent detection of size and orientation | Trial
 (1 review)
About This Version: Version 1.4.0, 10/12/2017 – Added configurable delimiter / separator.

Quick Commands Search
Execute Autodesk® Revit® commands by typing the command's name. Similar to Autodesk® AutoCAD® Command Line | USD 1.00
 (13 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.4.0, 10/9/2017 – Added usage analytics

The app allows you to browse thousands of high-quality Revit families and systems on the award-winning NBS National BIM Library and then drag-and-drop selected objects directly into the model | Free
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 3.1.0, 10/9/2017 – Minor Issues fixed.

Apparent False Updates

Most weeks there are a number of add-ins listed on the App Store as having been updated when they appear not to have been. We call these false updates.

We suspect false updates occur because developers have the ability in the App Store database to mark an 'update' without changing the version number. This is advantageous to developers because it moves their add-ins up in the App Store  'Newest' list. Also, authors of multiple add-ins on the App Store may use the practice to group their add-ins together. And some may mistakenly not change the version number for a legitimate update.

We verify false updates by comparing the current version numbers with our last posts about the add-ins. This is work for us, though, hopefully, value for you.

In the hopes that the App Store will someday fix this loophole or developers will cease the practice, we list the developers and their add-ins that, though marked as updated, were not.

  • 3D Repo
    • 3DRepo4Navis
  • Autodesk, Inc.
    • Space Naming Utility
  • BIMparadys
    • ElementsJoiner Lite
    • ElementsJoiner pro
  • FindSolution
    • Element Information
    • INTELSYS Integration with SAP for Navisworks
  • Polantis
    • Polantis APP
  • SpiceTools Technologies
    • Family Size Reporter
  • Visionworkplace Software Solutions
    • Navisworks® to OBJ converter
    • Navisworks® to OBJ converter Pro

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