Friday, October 6, 2017

CL3VER’s New Platform Turns 3D Models into Interactive Presentations with a Single Click

From the CL3VER website:

October 4, 2017

CL3VER announces a new cloud-based platform for the creation and sharing of interactive 3D Presentations for 3ds Max, Revit, Sketchup, and Rhino.

CL3VER is thrilled to release its brand-new platform for the visualization of 3D projects where architects, designers, and other AEC professionals can easily create immersive presentations, share them with stakeholders, and collaborate through a web browser, an offline viewer or through Virtual Reality.

CL3VER’s new platform has also evolved in parallel with new technology – a proprietary photorealistic real-time engine that supports raytraced reflections, global illumination, physically based materials and dynamic daylight.

Now making it extremely quick and easy to create interactive presentations, CL3VER intuitively matches scene information as is from your CAD application, including cameras, materials, lights, geometry, BIM information from Revit and V-Ray scene setups from 3ds Max in just one click.

Users can enrich 3D presentations with new navigation points for guided tours and multimedia to facilitate design understanding and intent. Once immersed, clients and team members can leave feedback directly within the presentation through comments, bookmarks, images and other complementary documents so that architects and designers do not need to second guess what their clients and stakeholders need and want. CL3VER also offers the capability to re-import the model in one click and upload it into existing presentations to share and track changes during all project phases.

Key Features:    

BIM Support

Predefined 2D and 3D views, worksets and linked models are instantly included in the presentation, allowing users to easily present BIM projects

V-Ray Scene Setup Support

Full compatibility with V-Ray scene setups. ensures V-Ray materials will transfer without any extra pre-processing.

  • Additionally, as part of its continued partnership with Chaos Group, CL3VER is working to connect its real-time engine with V-Ray to create photorealistic still images and to automatically bake lightmaps to improve the visual quality of the presentations (made available with CL3VER’s enterprise solutions.)

Model Data Support

Simple to complex model data is supported in just one click

Instant Feedback

Browser-based, in-context annotations pinned in your 3D environment include comments, attachments, views, and screen captures. Users also receive notifications in real time.

Private Web Sharing

Share a project with multiple viewers via a simple web link.

Multiple Outputs 

Presentations can be accessed in the cloud, in VR, or offline (without internet connection)

Post-Processing Tools 

Add color and contrast, improve the exposure or the gamma range, and make things pop out by brightening, adding a glow or a vignette around your picture frame.

A free trial of CL3VER is available now!

Enterprise licensing for companies that require on-premise installation, renderer integration or any other custom solution is also available.

Pricing for CL3VER is as follows:

There's more information available on the CL3VER website.

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