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IFC Component Replacer

From the Autodesk App Store:

Working with IFC models in Autodesk® Revit® has significant limitations. Components from IFC models are difficult to manage and edit. The IFC Component Replacer app automatically replaces the simple IFC generated in-place mass element, IFC import symbols and IFC non-parametric components from an IFC model with native Revit family components so you can use the power of Revit families in your IFC Revit project.

Simply pick one of the IFC objects you want to replace. All copies of this object in the project will be selected and can be replaced with a Revit component family of your choosing. The orientation of the replacement family can be adjusted while replacing the IFC object.

The 4 simple steps:
  1. Select an IFC object instance of the type to be replaced
  2. Choose the replacement family type from a drop-down list
  3. If necessary, correct the orientation of the new component
  4. All instances of the selected IFC component in any orientation will be replaced

In Autodesk® Revit® each IFC object is typically an individual separate in-place family. Therefore they cannot be easily selected as a group and all replaced in one operation. e.g. you can’t use “Select All Instances”. You will have to find and replace each element one by one throughout the project which is time-consuming.

This App will search the project model for IFC in-place family instances that match an element you select. Each of the matching objects is automatically replaced by a Revit family that you choose. If 100 identical components are found all 100 will be quickly replaced everywhere in the project.

IFC in-place families have no front/back orientation information built into them. The IFC Component Replacer app uses a wall you choose behind the object as a reference to calculate the correct orientation information for the replacement family component.

Revit family components are created with a variety of orientations for front and back. The back face of a replacement family type could be what the IFC element is showing to be the front face and without adjustment, the component will be placed in the project backward. To solve this problem the IFC Component Replacer allows the user to select the correct back face of the replacement component family so the orientation is corrected and this problem solved.

Replacement family type dialog

The basic workflow

Sometimes you need to change the orientation of the replacement family type

The Intro screen

App Limitations:

The Addin currently supports two placement types:
  • One Level hosted.
  • Face hosted WorkPlane based.

The replacement family type can be selected from the following Categories:
  • Casework
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Generic Models
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Specialty Equipment

The most common situations we have encountered are covered within these limitations.

Additional placement types (eg floor hosted) and other family categories can be added by request. Please contact SMRT Consulting Ltd.

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About This Version

Version, 12/8/2017 – Initial release

IFC Component Replacer is brought to you by SMRT Consulting. It's priced at US $100.00.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2018, 2017, and 2016.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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