Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cost Analysis Dynamo Script

From the Architect Machines website:

Cost Analysis Script v1.0

By Ryan Cameron

This script will find all the enclosed rooms in your Revit model, calculate areas by asset name (e.g. Commons, Dorms, Corridor – you create the definition)

It will calculate the square footages and feed that back into your Excel document.  The Option selection in the excel document will then update those asset types in accordance with the color/option selected AFTER hitting save and Dynamo is set to Automatic.

Download the Dynamo script from the Architect Machines website.

1 comment:

Max said...

Couldn't you just export a room schedule to excel to do this? In some of the excel Revit add on you can do a 2 way transfer (Rushford tools) so that you could even import rates, (not that you would want to clutter the rvt file with that particular data). I also understand that global parameters may enable you to add more to specific schedules to import/export to Revit.
I may be missing something here. If you were exporting from multiple categories that schedules cannot do then the method would supercede the straight export to excel from schedules method.
An interesting use of dynamo.
Max Drake